NUMECA OMNIS, or OMNIS Environment is an engineering and specialized software in the field of simulator analysis and simulation of physical components. In fact, with the help of this software and its many tools, you can increase the design, analysis and optimization of your manufacturing projects. You can use this software for basic simulation at the basic level to multidisciplinary optimization including structures, fluids, acoustics, etc. at the advanced level. This product is also ideal software for use in large scale projects.

NUMECA OMNIS software has a very good user interface. You can add your data and models in CAD formats to this program. On the other hand, the professional editing capability of this product helps you to customize your models well using this software. This software also covers all the needs of CFD users. You can also use this program to implement all your simulation projects in a unique environment that is compatible with NUMECA programs.

The software can also provide you with a complete HEX hybrid network. On the other hand, you can edit different modes of your model and network with the help of tools in this software. Another feature of this software is the ability to directly link CAD files through the CADNexus library.

Features and specifications of NUMECA OMNIS software:

  • Convenient user interface that simplifies modeling for you
  • Design, analysis and optimization of industrial parts manufacturing projects
  • Ability to import CAD files to edit and customize models
  • Ability to select different refining modes and adjust the level and volume
  • Can be used to build advanced models in large and multi-dimensional dimensions
  • Full compatibility with all software made by NUMECA

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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