NuSphere PhpED Professional 14.0 Build 14029

NuSphere PhpED Professional is an integrated development environment for PHP (PHP IDE), HTML, CSS, XML, SMARTY, XHTML and.. With a well-balanced mix of advanced code editor, reliable dbg debugger, client-to-database connection builder, and fast and secure deployment capability, PhpED is the perfect solution for most complex development needs. With new highlighting capabilities, you can now easily move code and save development time.

Features and capabilities of NuSphere PhpED Professional:

  • Debug code locally or remotely
  • Find and eliminate all bottlenecks in the code
  • Secure, fast and flexible printing of PHP scripts to the remote server
  • Highlight multilingual command: Ability to highlight separately for different languages ​​in the same file
  • Supports all HTML standards
  • Quick search
  • Quickly open files
  • Display runtime for each line, function or module
  • Launch Debugger on Errors
  • Install SSH Tunnel directly and used for remote debugging
  • Instruction tool and instant analysis for Php, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Full control over full versions – Select parser to use for each version of PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Complete code for projects from the popular jQuery and extJS JavaScript libraries
  • Automatically add closed parentheses when you are typing html tags
  • Automatically add attributes
  • Simple click to find all functions, methods and classes used in the project
  • Full integration with phpUnit
  • View, store and output output to csv or excel

Installation guide

Use the serial included with the software to register it.

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Download NuSphere PhpED Professional 14.0 Build 14029

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