Oasys Software Suite 14.1 Windows / Linux x64

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Oasys Software Suite is a software package for pre-processing and post-processing of LS-SYNA models. This product provides a set of different tools for users to reduce the time required for the pre-processing and post-processing of the model. Oasys Software Suite is a collection of four separate applications but with common goals. These programs include:

  • Oasys PRIMER preprocessing for easy preparation and modification of LS-DYNA models (the purpose of this product is simplicity, improving user productivity, increasing efficiency and reducing operating time and developing LS-DYNA compatible models)
  • Oasys D3PLOT is a tool for reviewing and post-processing 3D LS-DYNA analysis results. This program provides animation capabilities to visualize analysis results and is able to extract more than 100 data components, combining them graphically with features such as shading, lighting, transparency and.. In summary, this tool allows users to evaluate and analyze all aspects of LS-DYNA output.
  • Oasys T / HIS is provided for designing two-dimensional graphs. Ability to read binary and ski results generated by LS-DYNA and CSV files. This tool includes a wide range of functions for managing data in various formats. Mathematical functions and a number of special functions for automatic calculation of affected areas and…
  • Oasys REPORTER is a software for easy and fast post-processing of LS-DYNA results by various templates and scripts. In this program, the user designs a basic template for reporting. When used, this template creates the basic structure of the report and determines the location of images, text, and graphs.

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