Ocean Technology

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Ocean Know-how

Greater than 70 p.c of the Earth’s space is roofed by water (water in Oceans) and it’s a nice supply of power – the following generations’ power.

However, the assets on the land half is getting exhausted; subsequently, the dependency in direction of oceanic assets is elevated. So, with the intention to exploit the oceanic power, superior expertise is being developed.

Oceanic Resources

Forms of Oceanic Assets

Following are the foremost kinds of oceanic assets −

  • Placer Minerals − It consists of gold, diamond, platinum, tin, and many others.
  • Granular Sediments − It consists of carbonate wealthy sand, quartz and shell.
  • Hydrothermal Minerals − It consists of copper, zinc, lead, and many others.

Apart from these minerals, an ocean is a storehouse of many different assets such sea meals, oceanic wave power, tidal power, and many others. With a view to harness these assets, superior expertise is required which is now being developed.

Power Harnessing Know-how

Following are the totally different energies within the oceans that require expertise for harnessing −

Ocean Thermal Power

  • With the assistance of expertise, power is created from the nice and cozy water of the ocean. This expertise is called Ocean Thermal Power Conversion or just OTEC.
  • In OTEC, the water temperature distinction is used to run turbine generator that finally produces electrical energy.
  • Such power era expertise is environmental pleasant and on the similar time fulfills the power requirement.

Tidal Power

  • The rise and fall of sea water is basically due to gravitational pressure of solar, moon and earth, is called tide.
  • The distinction between the high and low tide is called tidal vary.
  • Know-how has been developed to transform the tidal energy into electrical energy.
  • In India, a tidal energy plant has been arrange on the Gulf of Kutch area (Gujarat).

Wave Energy

Wave Power

  • Oceanic waves carry loads of power with them.
  • Completely different applied sciences are getting used to transform oceanic wave power into electrical energy.
  • Nonetheless, the oceanic wave power can’t be transformed in electrical power, because it doesn’t have that potential, however between 400 and 600 latitudes, wave power may be harnessed.

Present Power

  • The constant motion of oceanic water in a selected course, is called oceanic present.
  • The above map exhibits various kinds of oceanic present.
  • Not all however some oceanic present are fairly able to producing electrical power. For instance, the Gulf Stream alongside the east coast of the US.

Ocean Current

Particular applied sciences assist in taping power from oceanic present.