OctaneRender 4.0 RC7 R4 for Cinema 4D

OctaneRender 4.0 RC7 R4 for Cinema 4D

OctaneRender is one of the most powerful and fastest GPU rendering engines that helps you create beautiful images. OctaneRender has a very high ability to render objects and environments made with high detail. Cinema 4D is a very powerful and widely used software in the field of modeling, animation, motion graphics and 3D processing. This software has a lot of fans due to its great capabilities and is used in making many animations and movies. OctaneRender plugin in Cinema 4D software helps you to render the environment and objects made in the software faster and with higher quality. This powerful plugin has a great impact on the production process in Cinema 4D software.

Features of OctaneRender:

  • High detail rendering of suspended particles such as clouds, smoke, fog and fire
  • Deep rendering of pixels
  • OSL support
  • Use Texture Baking live
  • Final image rendering with GPU 10 to 50 times faster than CPU
  • Display the final image instantly after each change
  • Flexibility and support for more than 21 plugins
  • Rendering lighting realistically
  • Turn realistic images into cartoons
  • Noise-free image rendering

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 OctaneRender 4.0-RC7-R4 for Cinema 4D

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