Details of the eighth season update for Apex Legends

update for Apex Legends

update for Apex Legends

The eighth season of Apex Legends has been running for some time; Below you can find out the new details and features that have been added to Apex Legends this season.


If you haven’t been to Apex Legends in a while, you can find out about the changes and features of the eighth season of Apex Legends.

The new season of Apex Legends has just started and has made many changes in the game. Most of these changes are in the competitive section (Ranked) and include modification of maps. In this article, we will not go into details and only make big changes that if you are an audience of the game, it is better to be aware of them.

Details of the eighth season update for Apex Legends

As you know, this popular game was released on Steam some time ago and has recently received a large number of new audiences. Due to the increase in the number of players, the developers have been forced to change the competitive part in order to balance it. Of course, the new season of Apex does not end here, stay tuned.

Anniversary Collection

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

In the new season, the creators have organized a special event to celebrate the game for two years, which has many attractions. Players will probably remember last season’s Fight Night event, which has a similar structure.

This event starts on February 9 (February 11) and will continue until February 23 (March 26) and by participating in it, you can receive various prizes. These rewards include 24 old popular items that will either be removed from the game or redesigned after the event. So do not forget the Universal Collection.

It became easier to get points (RP) in the competitive section

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

Players have always complained about the difficulty of getting ranked points in the competitive section. This system has always been criticized by friends, and of course it does not end with Apex Legends, and works such as League of Legends suffer from similar problems. Fortunately, this issue has been largely resolved with the new chapter.

In the eighth season, if your team can finish 11th to 13th, they will still receive points (albeit to a lesser extent). You also earn more points by killing enemies and gain Assist points.

Changes in the Assist system

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

As mentioned above, you get points for cooperating in the killing. This system will have a more prominent presence in the new season. This is a very pleasant event and has been welcomed by the fans. If you’ve played CSGO, you are probably familiar with the system. For example, you got into a fight with an enemy and injured him, but you could not finish the job. Next, your teammate gets to work and kills him. At this time, you will receive Assist points because you have been effective in this fight.

Assist calculation time has been increased to 10 seconds this season, which is two and a half seconds longer than previous seasons. This amount may be enough to increase your final score. So, if a teammate can destroy the enemy in the first 10 seconds after your fight, he has gained points for two people!

New game character

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The new hero of the game is called Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, and so far he has proven to be one of the best characters in the game. His Tactical Ability is a grenade that explodes around the enemy and distracts him.

His Passive Ability is also a grenade launcher that can do a lot of damage to enemies. The ability to limit the fuse also creates a fiery circle around the enemy and does not actually allow them to escape. The resemblance of this character to the comedian character from the Watchmen comic series can not be denied.

A more powerful shotgun

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

This season also hosts a new shotgun called The 30-30 Repeater . This weapon fires only one bullet at the enemy each time you press a button, which may seem a little dangerous, but remember that it inflicts 100 damages on the enemy! So using it is worth the risk, especially for those who prefer to get into close combat.

This weapon is also rechargeable, which makes it even more powerful. The only problem with the repeater may be that it takes a long time to replace it (the makers probably tried to balance it out). All in all, this weapon can be considered a stronger and better version of the G7-Scout, and there is no reason not to go for it.

Competitive Sector Maps

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The developers have decided to use the competitive sector maps in turn. In this chapter, there are two maps that are good to know. World’s Edge map has been dropped from the game for now, but will return in the coming seasons, as promised by the creators.

As for the other two maps, the King’s Canyon will be available until March 23, and then the Olympus map will replace it by the end of the eighth season.

Release the game for the Nintendo Switch console

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The Nintendo Switch version was supposed to be released at the beginning of the new season, but this did not happen. Fans of this console can wait for the release of this game on March 9, 2021. The arrival of Apex Legends on the Nintendo platform will bring more audiences to the game and will definitely help increase its popularity.

Not to mention that the Switch version will also support cross-console, which is an exciting development, and owners of this console can play with their friends on the Xbox or PlayStation. In addition, players in the Switch version will receive 30 free levels, and their scores for the first few weeks will be doubled (to compensate for the delay in release and not to lag behind the console audience).

Kings Canyon map changes

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The map of Kings Canyon or the King’s Valley, has been presented in this season with interesting changes, these changes have been created so that the creators can continue and tell the story of the game.

Skulltown has been removed this season, but the Mirage Voyage section has returned. The Aslum Lakes area has also become the Spotted Lakes area. This map will change more in the coming seasons as the developers try to make it bigger.

The new Battle So has more than 100 items

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The new Battlefield has more than 100 items and you can enjoy the game’s new skins and equipment. By purchasing this Battle So, you will receive the Legendary Skin of Flatline Chained weapons and new skins for fuses, beans and Gibraltar from the very beginning.

There are so many exciting items in this chapter that unfortunately if you do not buy Battlefront, you will miss them. It goes without saying that this season, as usual, Battle will focus more on a few characters and will make their fans happier.


When does this season end?

Chapter 8 of Apex Legends

The eighth season will be playable until May 3, 2021 (May 13, 1400) and in fact you have two months to experience it. Note that at the end of the season, you can no longer win many of the previous prizes.

Now the only question is who is the new character of the ninth season and what new awards will be given to the fans. We will provide you with information and details of the next chapter after publication.

Have you experienced the eighth season of Apex Legends? Let us know what you think.

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