Before disposing of the router; Try these tricks to improve WiFi
tricks to improve WiFi

Before disposing of the router; Try these tricks to improve WiFi

tricks to improve WiFi

It is less common for someone to be completely satisfied with the state of their Wi-Fi network. There can be many problems with Wi-Fi wireless networks, but the most common is that the signal does not reach some parts of the house or its power level decreases when moving away from the router. As the number of devices connected to a network increases, in addition to exacerbating the problem, reducing bandwidth and slowing down the Internet will also add to the problems. 
One of the bad habits of using a Wi-Fi network is that we think we should not have anything to do with the router and its settings until there is a problem, and if we want to be a little honest, the most important solution to a problem is The mind of most users is to unplug the device, in the hope that the problem may be solved once the device is turned on and off. Here are some key pointers in moving your network forward.

The correct way to use the device

The first question you need to answer is how many years have passed since your modem or router worked? If you have been using it for several years and it is the same modem that the Internet service provider has given you, you should think about getting a new device. But if your router is still relatively new and technically not yet obsolete, here are a few options.

There are several new products that can help you solve some of your problems. Google’s OnHub router is a product introduced by the company in 2014 and has made a lot of progress since its release. This device with its beautiful design makes it possible to hide it under the table in the living room. Thanks to the advanced technologies used in this product, signaling is also done better by it. One of the best benefits of using OnHub is having an efficient app to configure it, which also helps detect potential bugs.

The final solution

If you are really tired of your current Wi-Fi network, a new style of wireless product has been introduced to the market, which of course has high prices, but will give you positive and acceptable results. Eero and Luma are new and integrated home Wi-Fi systems that you may have to purchase several other devices to get the most out of them, but they are uniquely designed to cover the area covered by B-waves. Extend the wire so that instead of buying a single router, you buy several devices from it, and they easily identify each other and amplify the signal strength.

Eero devices, each resembling a small box with curved edges, come in triple packages for $ 499 in the United States, and you can build them around the house to create a cohesive network. You form. Luma uses the same method and is a little cheaper, but unfortunately the global release of any of them has not started yet.  


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