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One Commander

One Commander


One Commander is the name of the file management program with an open interface and user experience. This program has tried to implement the design style of Windows 10 along with features such as tree and dual view for a file management program, and of course, it needs Windows 10 to run.

The basic features of a file manager such as rotation, copying, cutting, renaming files, and creating a new file or folder, along with more advanced features such as previewing files, creating similar files, and managing cloud spaces and external memories, among other features Any file manager is easily available in One Commander. It is possible to view the technical details of the files, such as the resolution of the image files, along with other general information, and advanced sorting based on the size, duration, or date of file creation.

But one of the special features of this software is the tree and dual view. With the help of the tree view, it is easier to manage the files and folders inside and you can see the current location of the file more accurately or move it to other branches of the tree.

In addition to the tree view, the dual view is also included in this software so that you can see two folders side by side. Also, this program supports the Tab feature (similar to Chrome tabs) and it is possible to open multiple folders in different tabs. Another interesting feature of this program is Drop List, which allows you to add several items from different folders to your list and then moves them all at once to a new location with one click!

Features and features of the One Commander program :

  • Copy, cut, rename, and create new files and folders easily
  • Tab feature support and the ability to open and move between different folders
  • Support for cloud spaces and external memories
  • Drop List feature to move files from different places together
  • Taskmaster feature to perform a batch of operations
  • Tree view for better organization and viewing of nested directories
  • Designed with Windows 10 style
  • And …

required system

  • Windows 10
  • .NET 4.6.2 framework


One Commander


One Commander



Installation guide

This program is presented in a portable form and does not need to be installed. Just run OneCommander.exe after extracting the compressed file.

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