O&O Defrag 24.5.6601 Server (Pro / Workstation) x86 / x64

O&O Defrag 24.5.6601 Server (Pro / Workstation) x86 / x64


O&O Defrag is an efficient software for hard disk defragmentation. If you are one of those users who work cruelly from your hard drive, you have probably encountered low hard drive speed by now. When you copy a file, it no longer has the same speed as before. There is no stability when moving files, when opening heavy folders you may even encounter the problem of system hangs and things like that. In this case, your first choice may be the Windows defragmentation tool. The default Windows program is a good solution for improving the condition of the hard disk and integrating files, but it may not have enough capabilities.

O&O Defrag is a tool that, in addition to having the basic features of the Windows Defrag tool, also offers many new capabilities and features to users to always have an optimal and healthy hard drive. In addition to its beautiful and professional appearance, this program offers new ways to improve the integrity of files. So far, this product has been praised in several prestigious foreign publications and media. One of the first differences of this program is its intelligence. You do not need to defragment the hard drive from time to time.

Just install this program to prevent the scattering of your files. This program always stays in running memory and constantly monitors the status of the hard drive. As soon as it sees irregularities and scatters on the hard drive, it automatically performs defragmentation operations for that file. In this way, the root of the problem is identified and solved without the need for system integration. This program is able to defragment multiple drives simultaneously and in parallel, does not have much processing, and will have a significant impact on the speed of your system.

System required O&O Defrag

  • The system requirement of each operating system have to be fulfilled
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • 32/64-bit Support
  • Windows® 7 to Windows® Server 2016 (all editions):

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Supported operating systems

Operating system Professional Edition Workstation Edition Server Edition
Windows 10 yes yes yes
Windows 8 yes yes yes
Windows 7 yes yes yes
Windows Server 2008 no no yes *
Windows Server 2008 R2 no no yes *
Windows Server 2012 no no yes *
Windows Server 2012 R2 no no yes *
Windows Server 2016 no no yes *

* All variants of this server operating system are supported, except Core-Installations

Images of O&O Defrag



Installation guide

Register the software using the information in the Key.txt or Serial.txt file.

According to this page,  the Server version is the most expensive version and has the most features compared to the Workstation and Professional versions.

download link

Download O&O D_efrag Server 24.5 Build 6601 x86
Download O&O D_efrag Server 24.5 Build 6601 x64
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