Oppo’s new patent secondary display on the back cover

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OPPO has recently filed several patents. Oppo’s new patent is now underway, according to which a device with a secondary display on the back cover is on its way.

Recently, Oppo has patented special and interesting designs in the field of smartphones. One of the most interesting patents we saw from the company in November was a blockchain device for clamshell phones. Now, Oppo’s new patent announces a device that has a secondary display on the back panel, next to the rear camera.

Oppo’s new patent was filed by OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd with the China National Intellectual Property Office ( CNIPA ) on February 19. This patent indicates a smartphone that, in addition to the main display, you will see another display when you turn it over.Oppo's new patent

If we look at the pictures, we see a circular design with small cuts for the camera lens on the back of the phone. There is also a small spherical object next to the lens, which is probably an LED flash. In the middle of this circular design is another circle, which Oppo has considered as the location of the secondary display.

As shown in the photos, this small display can indicate time and date. It is also possible for OPPO to expand its features by displaying quick notifications, fitness data, and more.Oppo's new patent

Also, at first glance, we do not see any front-facing camera. It is possible that in Oppo’s new patent, we will see the use of a secondary display as an object such as a mirror or viewfinder so that the rear camera can be used similarly to a selfie camera. However, this is not likely because the second screen size is too small.

In other parts, this phone will not be much different. A curved display on the front, a USB Type-C port, a SIM card slot, a speaker, two microphones at the top and bottom of the device are some of the highlights. Also in another design that has been published, the camera frame may be placed in a square section with rounded edges.Oppo's new patent

Like all patents, it is unclear whether the design will reach the final design and production stage.

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