OptiCut Pro-PP Drillings 5.26d

OptiCut Pro-PP Drillings 5.26d

OptiCut is the name of engineering and specialized software of Boole & Partners company in the field of optimizing panel and profile cutting. In fact, this software is able to develop and optimize panel and profile cutting projects thanks to its powerful multi-mode, multi-shape and multi-material algorithms. Compatibility with a variety of cabinet design and simulation software and on the other hand the possibility of importing and exporting your data with office software such as Microsoft Excel has made it possible for you to achieve very good productivity. By default, six optimization modes are included in this application.

Fast optimization, standard 1 and 2, advanced 1 and 2, and CNC optimization are among the 6 default optimization modes of OptiCut software. Of course, it should be noted that users can only make changes to the panels in advanced modes 1 and 2. On the other hand, the possibility of compressing and optimizing the cutting lists of composite materials is another feature that you will get by using this product. This software considers all the formats available in the panel for each of the components and parts.

Applications of this software include detecting lined edges and their thickness, adjusting the edges together, properly editing the edges, minimizing extra parts and so on. The ability to report your data and information is another feature that this software has provided for you in a suitable way.

Features and specifications of OptiCut software:

  • Using different multi-state, polymorphic and multi-material algorithms
  • Ability to import and export your information and data to Microsoft Excel software
  • Full compatibility with cabinet design software such as PolyBoard, TopWood, etc.
  • Benefit from 6 preset optimization modes that make work simple and fast
  • Ability to analyze your technical data such as quantity, linearity or not, etc.

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Version 6.25d on other sites is actually version 5.26d.

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