Optitex 15.3.415 x86 + Extra Pack

Optitex 15.3.415 x86 + Extra Pack

Optitex is a specialized software in the field of fashion model design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD / CAM. This software allows the user to produce clothes using both flat patterns and 3D technology. Designers see a computer-generated 3D image of clothing moving on a perceptible stage. One of the features of virtual models is the conversion of two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional moving image. This feature allows the designer to view the final garment and analyze the behavior of the fabric and see how the design moves on the body.

Features and specifications of Optitex software:

  • Fabric simulation system
  • Patterns can be easily hung on one or more models included in the software.
  • Disposal of waste material with fewer samples
  • Production of high quality products due to precise virtual connections
  • Great tool for sales and marketing
  • Simulate all pre-production activities related to fittings, visualization, texture and color variation
  • Optitex new animation technology has sparked the gaming and movie industry

– The architecture of this version is 32-bit, but it can be installed on 64-bit Windows.

Installation guide

Version 15.3:

The installation video is in the Crack folder.

Version 15.0:

After installing the software, copy and replace the App folder in the Crack folder in the program installation location. To install the emulator, from the x86 and x64 folders, depending on your Windows, which is 32-bit or 64-bit, first file before.cmd_ and after the end, run the install.cmd_ file with Run as administraror. Finally, run the License Manager related to the software from the Start menu and enter and activate the License.lic file.

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Optitex 15.3.415 x86 + Extra Pack

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Optitex x86 + Extra Pack

Download Optitex x86

Download Optitex x86 Extra Pack

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