Optiwave OptiSystem 7.0

Optiwave OptiSystem 7.0

OptiSystem is a powerful software for designing, testing and simulating fiber optic networks. This program is more accurately a comprehensive tool for designing and simulating the transmission layer of modern fiber optic networks. In telecommunication systems, fiber optic networks have many challenges and details, the non-observance of which greatly affects the communication quality of the lines. On the other hand, physical trial and error requires a lot of costs and naturally it is impossible to compensate the financial damages in most cases, so before the physical implementation of these networks, analytics and simulation programs are used to minimize these errors. May arrive.

OptiSystem is a relatively new software in this field that has good features for this work. With a very simple user interface, this program provides the user with the possibility of using all kinds of optical connections, all kinds of cables and elements required by these networks, which can range from a small analog player project to a huge telecommunication infrastructure. Used at the national and intercontinental levels and accurately simulated and optimized the network. The graphical interface of this program allows you to visually arrange all the elements and communications and instantly see the effect of the applied changes by changing the new specifications and configurations. Using this program will definitely reduce costs and prevent many possible losses due to improper physical implementation.

Installation guide

Start installing the software and confirm the initial license message. After installing, copy and replace the files in the crack folder in the program installation location (Bin folder).

This version was installed on October 10, 1998 in Windows 10 64-bit version and – as shown in the picture – has been successfully activated.

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