Oracle Maestro Professional

Oracle Maestro Professional

Oracle Maestro is a great tool for managing, controlling and developing Oracle databases . This software supports all versions of the Oracle 8i to 12c database and can easily be used to manage objects in these databases. With this product, you can easily design your desired databases in a graphic environment without coding; Define data fields and data types, and then fill in the created tables with the data. It also has a powerful debugger for PL / SQL statements , and you can easily find bugs in written commands. One of the great advantages of this product is easy access to Oracle security features. You can graphically enable or disable all database security options.

Oracle Maestro is used to edit, group, sort, and filter data. In SQL Editor, you can write and execute queries much more easily than ever before. For complex queries, you will be able to design graphically. This means that you can create SQL queries without having to write a line of code through graphical options in a window and view its output in text. Beginner users can use this feature to learn query writing. It also supports the creation of tortoisesheets and multi-query communities. Oracle Maestro is able to export / import database data to / from most popular formats. You can also view and edit BLOB objects in a graphical editor.

Features and specifications of Oracle Maestro:

  • Supports all versions of Oracle from 8i to 12c
  • Easy management of database objects
  • Database graphic design
  • Powerful PL / SQL debugger
  • Easy access to Oracle security features
  • Easy data management: editing, grouping, sorting, filtering
  • Powerful SQL editor
  • Ability to create SQL queries visually
  • Ability to import and export from / to popular data formats
  • BLOB Object Editor / Display

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Oracle_Maestro_Professional_16.1.0.1

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