Outotec HSC Chemistry

Outotec HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry is the name of a specialized software from Outotec company that is used to simulate chemical processes and thermodynamic calculations and mineral processing. It can easily, quickly develop, design, and digitize processes and estimate efficiency, utility, and environmental impact. HSC is one of the best software for combining chemical, thermodynamic, and mineral processing processes that has many applications in materials engineering, chemistry, and mining engineering.

HSC Chemistry software can perform thermochemical calculations during the development of a new chemical process and improve the processes through accurate modeling and simulation. The software also contains several modules for mineral processing and particle calculations that integrate with an extensive database to simplify your processing. Some of these modules include Sim process simulation, equation of reactions, mass and energy balance, calculation of chemical equilibrium and heat loss, diagrams and estimation of HS Cp, calculation of aqueous solutions and so on.

Features and characteristics of HSC Chemistry software:

  • Simulation of chemical processes
  • Thermodynamic calculations and mineral processing
  • Development, design, and digitization of various processes
  • Estimating the yield, utility, and environmental impacts left
  • Perform thermochemical calculations during the development of a chemical process
  • Contains 29 computational modules
  • Connect to the material database
  • Calculate equations, balance, display graphs, and estimate results

Installation guide

After installing the software, copy the file in the Crack folder to the program installation location and make sure the file is in Read-only mode; Run the software and enter the License Code provided in the Readme file.

If some of the modules do not work properly, download version 7.11 and follow the steps from the Readme file.

The available crack is for version 9.3, but in the initial test, it also activates version 9.5.

! Crack does not work in a virtual machine!

download link

Download Outotec HSC Chemistry

Download Outotec HSC Chemistry

Download Outotec HSC Chemistry 7.11 Installer Only – If some module not working in v9.x

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