Output Messenger 1.9.40 x64

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Output Messenger is a secure and fast messenger that is very suitable for communication between teams and colleagues. With the help of this messenger, you can quickly communicate with your team and share your ideas with them. This software allows you to send your videos, pictures, and files just by dragging and dropping in private groups or chats, and establish fast and secure communication with your colleagues.

Output Messenger lets you categorize chat rooms, download and upload your files across all platforms, make video calls to groups or users, secure your desktop with Share with others, manage your daily tasks, use the built-in email feature, take notes, and easily manage users and groups.

Features of Output Messenger:

  • Fast and secure communication with colleagues
  • Share videos, pictures, and files
  • Easy and fast file upload
  • Chat room categories
  • Video contact with groups or users
  • Share desktop screen with others
  • Manage daily tasks
  • Ability to send internal email
  • Take notes and reminders

Download Output Messenger Server / Client 1.9.40 x64

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