Overclock the Radeon R9 Fury series cards to the snort with the latest version of Sapphire TriXX!

You probably know that you can’t overclock the R9 Fury series graphics card memory frequency or increase the GPU voltage. But now, with the release of version 5.2.1 of the TriXX overclocking tool, Sapphire has made it possible to change the voltage and memory frequency of GPU-based GPUs. R9 Fury GPUs use HBM (High Bandwidth) memory chips for the first time.

The possibility of applying more voltage to the GPU has always been one of the demands of R9 Fury users and in particular R9 Fury X. Thanks to the powerful 500 watt R9 Fury X cooler, if it can be overclocked, it will surely be pleasant for most users. Undoubtedly, GPUs always have a lot of unused potential that can not be maximized without increasing the voltage. Since it was not possible to change the GPU voltage in the R9 Fury series before, some hardware components that overclocked these cards under liquid nitrogen were forced to hard-mod the card to deliver more voltage. But now, with the latest version of the TriXX tool, you no longer need to be familiar with graphics and electronic card design.
It is expected that by allowing the graphics processor voltage to change, R9 Fury series cards can be significantly overclocked, which may even break some records. Ordinary users and gamers can also get the most out of the liquid cooling with the R9 Fury X card. This tool also supports voltage change of 300 series cards.