Paint.NET 4.3.12 Multilingual

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Paint.NET is a free image editing software. This program was initially designed as an alternative to the Windows paint program, but as it became more popular, many features and capabilities were added to it, and now it has become a professional image editing program. Using, you can apply the size of images, their resolution, various effects, etc. Similar to Photoshop, there are concepts of layers and layer combination in blending mode in this software. It is also possible to add new features using plugins for this program.

In this program you can draw all kinds of shapes and geometric images. Like Photoshop, it is possible to magically select parts of the image. For example, a red apple that has a large color difference from its background can be easily selected by the Magic Wand. One of the features of image processing programs is to save all the steps and problems that you bring to the photos. also saves the complete history of changes, and whenever you want to go back, this can be done with one click. This program is free, so you can safely update it and benefit from the latest features and improvements of the program. This software has appeared very well in terms of efficiency and processing speed, and it has a good speed due to parallel processing and correct coding.

Features and Specification of the Paint.NET program:

  •  Completely free and with automatic update
  • High speed in image processing and editing
  • Ability to use layers for complex editing
  • Having various effects
  • Professional tools for selecting images and separating objects from the background
  • Save changes in the history and the ability to go back at any time
  • Different settings for full personalization of the program
  • And …

System requirements for Paint.NET software

Paint.NET Compatibility:

Minimum Requirements
Windows 7 with SP1 or newer (including Windows 8, 8.1, and 8.1 Update 1)
.NET Framework 4.6 (this will be installed automatically if not present).
1GHz processor (dual-core is recommended)
1024 x 768 screen resolution
200+ MB hard drive space 




Installation guide

This software is free and does not require a crack.

download link

Download Paint.NET 4.3.12 Multilingual x86
Download Paint.NET 4.3.12 Multilingual x64
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