Panasonic Nicobo Robot: A lovely sock cat!

Nicobo Robot
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Panasonic Nicobo Robot

The Panasonic Nicobo robot was created in collaboration with the University of Toyohashi in Japan and has interesting capabilities; For example, talking like a toddler, cuddling or even exhaling!


Cats can be good companions; They show a lot of love and attention and instead need a little care. So it is not surprising that the idea of ​​building a robotic cat came to the manufacturers so that people who for any reason can not have a pet, will be left alone during the corona and quarantine. The Panasonic Nicobo robot was built for the same purpose.



Panasonic Nicobo Robot

This is a robotic cat with big eyes that looks like it is wearing socks. Nikobo can recognize your face using a camera, listen to your words and respond. It is also equipped with sensors that detect touch; So when you caress it, it reacts and so-called licks itself!

This robot has a limited vocabulary; But in the future, he will learn to pronounce Japanese sentences fluently and speak like a toddler.

Of course, the Panasonic Nicobo robot is not able to surf at home; Because its movements are limited to turning or looking up and down. Instead, it can expel flatulence!

Like real cats, it gets stuck and isolated on some days, blows out the abdomen, and does not interact well with its owner.

Not to mention that all the initial production, which includes 320 units, has been pre-sold and Panasonic hopes to release the product in March 2022 (March 1400). The robotic gadget is priced at around $ 360 and pre-purchasers will have to pay $ 10 a month to take advantage of some extra features and updates.

Whether production volume will increase largely depends on customer interest and demand.

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