Parted Magic 2021.05.12 Free Download
Parted Magic 2021.05.12

Parted Magic 2021.05.12 Free Download


Parted Magic is a commercial Linux distribution with disk partitioning and data recovery tools that sells as a Linux-based bootable disk. Distribution registration is derived from the GNU Parted and PartitionMagic software packages. This software is a powerful tool for home or office. Parted Magic is a complete hard disk management solution. The program can be booted directly from a CD, USB flash drive, or over the network using PXE in computer hardware and does not require installation or an operating system installed.

Although originally designed for mechanical hard disk drives, Parted Magic is also suitable for use with solid-state drives and can perform ATA Secure Erase (a method built into the hard disk controller to restore the disk to its factory state). Returned). Parted Magic supports read and write on a variety of modern file systems, including ext3, ext4, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS, and is, therefore, able to access formatted digital drives for use on Microsoft Windows and GNU operating systems. / Linux.

Features of Parted Magic:

  • Disk Partitioning: With Partition Editor you can resize, copy and move partitions. You can also increase or decrease your C drive.
  • Disk Cloning: With this feature, you can clone the entire computer disk or a separate partition. Cloned data can be saved as an image file or as a duplicate of the data. The data can then be connected to a local storage device and stored on an SSH server, a samba server, or a network file system. The clone file can then be used to restore the original if needed.
  • Save data: PartedMagic lets you easily reset or change your Windows password.

required system 

Supported Hardware

PartedMagic requires at least a 686 processor with 1GB of RAM. 512MB in Live mode. Compatible with Secure Boot Windows machines. Runs well on Intel Macs.

Supported Storage Devices

Hard disk drives (SATA, IDE, and SCSI). Flash memory. USB drives. SSD (Solid State Drives). Devices with sector sizes of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, etc.


Parted Magic 2021.05.12

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Installation guide

This software is an ISO file with boot capability. Must be run on CD or flash drive and booted.

download link

Parted Magic 2021.05.12 x64

Download Section 1 – 1 GB
Download Part 2 – 816 MB

Parted Magic 2020.12.25 x64

Download Section 1 – 1 GB
Download Section 2 – 715 MB
Download Parted Magic 2019.11.04 PXE
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