paxCompiler 4.2 Full Source for Delphi 10.3 Rio

paxCompiler is an embeddable compiler used for working and programming languages ​​as well as Object Pascal and Basic JavaScript. This program generates code compatible with Intel processors (IA-32/64 architecture‌). It is always possible to use this compiler as a scripting engine. This program can be embedded in host application, register host-defined types, routines, variables. It is possible to read and modify compiled scripts, read script-defined functions, save or load scripts in the stream.

This software was originally written by Borland Delphi as Delphi components. TPaxCompiler, TPaxProgram and TPaxPascalLanguage are all Delphi components that allow you to embed paxCompiler into Delphi, Kylix or Borland C ++ Builder application. So you can recompile the program without having to, personalize it directly and make any changes to it. paxCompiler Running as paxcompilerlib.dll can be used to script Microsoft Visual C ++ applications. TPaxCompilerDebugger and TPaxCompilerExplorer provides debugger components (breakpoints, call stack, watches, step over, trace into, run to cursor, pause). This software is thread safe. In the next versions of this program, it is expected that the supported operating systems will be expanded and Mac OS, iOS,

Features and specifications of paxCompiler:

  • Support for Microsoft Visual C ++ application scripts
  • Ability to customize this software with Delphi, Kylix or Borland C ++ Builder application
  • Existence of powerful Debugger to fix program bugs
  • Can be used for applications written in Microsoft Visual C ++

Installation guide

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Download PaxCompiler_4.2 for D10.3 Rio

Download PaxCompiler_4.2 XE10.2 x86 x64 Full Source

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Download PaxCompiler_4.2 D6-XE7 x86 x64 Full Source

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