PCSCHEMATIC Automation is software for mapping electrical circuits. In facilities and buildings with complex architectures, having a suitable plan and strategy for wiring and electricity distribution in that place is a must. For a small house, the whole wiring diagram may be drawn on a piece of paper, but not in complex industrial buildings and facilities. In this case, computer software is usually used to produce wiring drawings.

The present program is one of the desirable software in this field and even offers capabilities beyond the usual needs of electrical engineers. With this program, it is possible to perform a variety of automation projects, wiring, installation, pneumatic and hydraulic projects. PCSCHEMATIC has designed this product to make it easier for professionals who are new to wiring projects. Unlike other competitors, this program has a simple environment and users can easily drag all the desired elements on the screen from its toolbar and connect them to each other with wires.

PCSCHEMATIC contains a large database of electrical and mechanical components that will enable the implementation of various electrical drawing projects. Wiring lines are automatically aligned and easily connected to the elements. It is possible to input and output DWG format to this software. This program uses the concept of layers for drawing and you can do separate things in each layer. The result is a combination of all the layers and the final output is produced. The program automatically calculates the list of necessary parts and the area of ​​the wires and provides you with regular reports.


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Copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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