PDF-XChange Editor Plus / Pro 9.2.359.0
PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor Plus / Pro 9.2.359.0


PDF-XChange Editor is a smaller, faster software with more features than FREE PDF Reader / PDF Viewer / PDF Editor. This free PDF editor allows users to take advantage of the extensive features provided by XChange Editor for better evaluation for free. No PDF editor like this software offers many features. Using this software, users can create PDF files directly from scanners and video files or convert txt and RTF files to PDF.

Features of PDF-XChange Editor:

  • Full-text page editing
  • Execute MS Office documents
  • Complete correction of misspellings
  • PDF: Plugin for converting PDF files to PDF / A-1, PDF / A-2 or PDF / A-3 formats
  • Listen and add voice notes
  • Multimedia display support
  • Add software settings and preset options
  • Significant improvements in high-speed page rendering and loading
  • Add and apply custom stamps
  • Bookmarking pages: using text and objects
  • Security support: including 40/128 and 128/256 bits, password encryption, and permission to add / edit
  • Data Execution Prevention: Stop the execution of malicious scripts such as viruses and trojans
  • New and complete JavaScript engine
  • Recover the latest open files
  • Improved image addition
  • Add and edit links
  • Send PDF files
  • Add, edit and move bookmarks
  • Convert PDF to MS PowerPoint format
  • Reduce file size by image

To see the full PDF XChange Editor to here, see.

required system

Operating System

Windows 7/8/10 32 and 64bit

PDF-XChange images


PDF-XChange Editor

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

PDF-XChange Viewer has been updated and its features transferred to PDF-XChange Editor.

According to this link, the Pro version is the most complete version of this program and the most expensive version.

download link

Editor Plus

Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.2.359.0 Multilingual
Download PDF-XChange_Editor Plus 9.2.358.0 Portable
Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.1.355.0 Portable x64


Download PDF-XChange Pro 9.2.359.0 Multilingual
Download PDF-XChange Pro 9.1.355.0 Multilingual x64
Download PDF-XChange Pro 9.1.355.0 Multilingual x86
Download PDF-XChange Pro 9.1.355.0 x64 Portable
Download PDF-XChange_Editor Plus 9.0.353.0 Multilingual x86
Download PDF-XChange_Editor Plus 9.0.353.0 Multilingual x64
Download PDF-XChange_Editor Plus 9.0.353.0 x64 Portable
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