PELock .NetShrink 2.6

PELock .NetShrink 2.6

NetShrink. A powerful package for executable files generated by .NET technology. What this program and other packers do is break down and compress unprotected .NET code (which is easily unpacked and reverse engineered with programs such as Reflector) to reduce the final size of the executable file. , The possibility of infiltration and reverse engineering of the program is minimized. The input of this program is .NET execution files (Windows or Linux) and its output is the packed executable file.

This program uses the LZMA algorithm to maximize the compression rate, which has the highest compression rate among the existing algorithms. One of the interesting features of this program is to bind or append dll files related to the exe package of the program. In fact, if your program needs side libraries to run, you can easily put all those dlls in the executable file and the end user will receive only one exe from you. Also NetShrink. Allows you to password protect your application and not run until the user enters the Exe file password. The set password is based on the powerful SHA256 hashing and impenetrable AES / Rindael encryption, which will make your application extremely secure.

In crack and penetration science, the first step is to unpack executable files, that is, crackers try to make cluttered code more understandable. One of the advantages of this program is that after packing the executable file, if a cracker tries to penetrate the program code through UnPackers, the program will stop it. In fact, this product detects most known crackers and crack tools during execution, and as soon as they are detected, they see the program so that those tools can not penetrate and interfere with the code.

But always remember that 100% security in the software world is impossible because as soon as a program runs, its executable codes and data are stored in memory, and this is where hackers and crackers look at the program traces based on the importance of the program. They finally find a way to penetrate it. These tools will only increase the relative security and in no way will pure security be achieved for your program, as you are now downloading the cracked version of this protection program!

Table of Contents

NetShrink Features and Features. :

  •  Compress and pack the executable files of programs made with .NET
  • Ability to attach dll libraries to the executable file
  • Detect popular cracker and unpaker programs while running and close the program if you see them
  • Detect the required .NET version of the framework
  • Ability to password protect executable files with powerful hashing and encryption algorithms
  • Various options and settings via command line switches
  • Supports all .NET versions
  • Assembly signature with Strong-Name
  • Code re-signing for executables (for further validation)

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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