Huawei PetalMail e-mail service launched on a trial basis

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Huawei PetalMail e-mail service was launched on a trial basis so that the Chinese company could replace Gmail with its exclusive service.

Huawei has put a lot of effort into launching and developing its mobile services over the past year, and according to recently released statistics, these services now have 530 million monthly users. Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) has launched applications such as Petal Search and Petal Maps. Not bad to know that Huawei has in the past made requests for a number of trademarks such as payment service and Petal store.

Reports now indicate that Huawei has taken a step forward and is replacing Gmail with its proprietary PetalMail service. Huawei is in the testing phase @

Huawei PetalMail

As shown in the picture, after registering and confirming the mobile number, you can enter the page related to PetalMail. The operation of this system is quite simple and does not have any additional design.

Huawei PetalMail

In October of last year, at the Mate 40 global conference, Huawei launched a number of new applications for its external users, such as Petal Search and Petal Maps. Petal Search is a global search engine that supports a variety of methods. Petal Maps is a mapping application like Google Maps that has shown remarkable performance.

Huawei Petal Search

Huawei PetalMail

Huawei search engine offers its search services in the form of 20 different categories and more than 170 countries and regions in the world. Users can get various information they need about programs, news, videos, pictures, shopping, travel, plane tickets, hotels, music, local services and more from Petal Search. The search engine also supports 50 languages.

Note that Petal Search simplifies searching for applications from third-party sources and then downloading and installing APK files. If the app is not available in AppGallery, the user will be redirected to the store, otherwise they will be redirected to a third-party platform such as APKPure or even Bazaar Cafe for download and installation. The Petal Search image search function also allows users to capture images or use images to search; In fact, users can use images to search for animals, people, sights, goods and more. At the same time, the Petal Search voice search feature supports English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and بسیار with excellent performance.

Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei PetalMail

Another important feature that you can find in the Huawei Mate 40 series is Petal Maps. This service is used and available in more than 140 countries and regions outside China. This service can provide services such as location on the map, driving navigation and road conditions in real time. Users have the opportunity to change the view of the navigation route and the user interface of the map while driving, just by moving their hand. Users can also track bus traffic in real time via Petal Maps. This feature is only available in some cities and helps users to easily manage their itineraries. Petal Maps currently supports navigation audio in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and..

Huawei should be introduced as one of the leading companies in technology that has always supported new ideas and worked to realize them.

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