PhotoFiltre Studio 11.0 Multilingual + Portable
PhotoFiltre Studio

PhotoFiltre Studio 11.0 Multilingual + Portable


PhotoFiltre Studio is a useful and useful software for editing, effecting and correcting images. This is a special program for effecting and beautifying images, which with its extensive features is not less than Photoshop! Basically, novice users who do not have much knowledge about graphics are not able to use the maximum power of heavy software such as Photoshop, and this may discourage it even for the initial editing of images. PhotoFiltre Studio is a program that will completely satisfy this group of users.

With this program, you can easily apply tasks such as color correction, improving the brightness of images, fixing the problem of distorted images, improving image contrast, color saturation, image size and other similar things in the shortest time. . One of the important parts of this program is its filters. Using hundreds of different filters including oil, gouache, black pen and و filters, you can turn your images into a work of art without graphic knowledge.

There are also various tools for working with text in this program so that users can add attractive and beautiful text on images. With text effects, you can design a variety of greeting cards, model envelopes and و. Attempts have been made to design a simple and secluded program so that novice users can access various software features without any hassle and with great ease. This program also uses layers like Photoshop, so all your changes can be stored on different layers and you can work on each layer separately. This product also supports Photoshop filters and it will be possible to use these filters on images.

required system 

PhotoFiltre Studio X Compatibility:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win NT, Win 2000


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Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen in the Crack‌ folder.

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Download PhotoFiltre Studio 11.0 x64
Download PhotoFiltre Studio 11.0 Multilingual Portable
Download PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.14.1 Multilingual
Download PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.14.0 Multilingual Portable
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