PhotoModeler Premium 2020.1.1.0 x64

PhotoModeler Premium 2020.1.1.0 x64


PhotoModeler provides a tool for accurately creating high-quality 3D models and measuring photos. This process is called photo-based 3D scanning. PhotoModeler Scanner is a 3D scanner that provides the same results as a 3D laser scanner. This three-dimensional scanning process creates dense dots (mass surface modeling) of almost the same size of tissue surfaces. This software is one of the most complete products of this company and has the ability to perform mass level modeling (DSM), 3D scanning and SmartMatch. This program is a sophisticated tool for accurately building mass surface models and measuring photos.

Features and specifications of PhotoModeler software:

  • Mass surface modeling where a large number of three-dimensional points are required
  • Create models that traditionally require a 3D laser scanner
  • Create independent scale modeling of objects – small objects or large scenes
  • Perform measurements over time with the ability to move
  • Three-dimensional scan of the boost surface for morphological measurements of the body and contact levels of the child with scoliosis
  • Surface shape of produced parts (using predicted random pattern) Modeling of deformation of fabrics and thin materials
  • Obtain the dense surface of a stone wall or structure the details in the building facade
  • Automatic detection and matching feature, use SmartMatch to create low density points
  • Output model to Autodesk DXF, 3D Studio 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, VRML, IGES

Installation guide

Version 2017:

In the text file in the Crack folder.

2013 version:

Register the software using the Keygen in the Crack folder.

The 2017 version was installed on August 10, 1998 on 64-bit Windows 10 and – as shown in the image – has been successfully activated.

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Download PhotoModeler Premium 2020.1.1.0 x64

Download PhotoModeler UAS 2017.1.1.2199 x64

Download Photomodeler Scanner 2013.0.0.910 x86

Download Photomodeler Scanner 2013.0.0.910 x64

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