PhotoScape X Pro 4.0.2 x64 + Portable / macOS

PhotoScape X Pro 4.0.2 x64 + Portable / macOS

These days, when it comes to image editing, everyone remembers Photoshop and other similar software. But the fact is that for basic needs such as size editing, image quality, brightness, contrast and other basic edits, using heavy software such as Photoshop is not very efficient. In fact, Photoshop and other similar software are built for advanced graphics. For basic image editing tasks, tools like PhotoScape are much more convenient. Now, separation from the lower cost, which is not a choice for software products in our country. The simplicity and lightness of this program can be considered a good reason to use it.

For example, if you want to remove the redness of the camera lens from the eyes. You can easily do this in the shortest time using the automated tool of this program. With the help of this program, you can put different filters on images, change the size of images, engrave the desired text with beautiful fonts on images. If the image is taken in poor lighting conditions and is so-called dark, you can return the light to your image with just a few clicks.

One of the attractions of this tool is the ability to do a series of repetitive tasks on a large number of images in groups. This editing tool has other capabilities such as combining images, creating animated gif images, splitting an image into several separate pieces, capturing a page, renaming images in batches, converting the raw image format to the desired format, searching for a face similar to the image On the Internet and…. PhotoScape is actually a small and simple Photoshop for users to do image editing tasks. Using this program makes sense even for professional users due to the high speed of the program.

Installation guide

Install and use. Read the Readme.txt file for more information.

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