PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.50.12628 / VS Code 1.0.3428 Free Download

PHP Tools for Visual Studio
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PHP Tools for Visual Studio are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio to support PHP. This program depends on the productivity of the developer. It understands your code and suggests how to complete it, guides you, checks for errors, includes a PHP guide, supports troubleshooting, and more. Using this plugin in Visual Studio will make programming in PHP very simple and enjoyable.

Other various tools and features included in this software include support for version control systems such as TFS, Git, SVN, etc., support for IntelliSense and auto-completion of code, a guide to the parameters of a function, and viewing its definition. , Integrated documentation, Object Browser and Class View, support for HTML, CSS and Javascript, and finding breakpoints in PHP and JavaScript.

Plugin features:

  • Use the familiar IDE
  • Smart PHP editor with suggestion capability
  • Visual troubleshooting capability
  • Support for HTML / JS / CSS
  • Categorize codes for better tracking
  • Find a PHP guide and use it when typing commands
  • Simplify the use of PHP programming language
  • Ability to display results instantly and view generated pages
  • Full support for PHP 5.4-7.4

required system

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2019

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Installation guide

It is mentioned in the text file or cracked window.

download link

Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2019 v1.50.12628
Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2019 v1.40.12409
Download PHP_Tools for Visual Studio 2019 v1.32.11427
Download PHP_Tools for Visual Studio 1.30.11167.2019
Download Devsense PHP_Tools for VS Code 1.0.3428
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