PI Expert Suite 9.1.6 x86 / x64

PI Expert Suite 9.1.6 x86 / x64

PI Expert Suite includes PI Expert – PI Xls – PI Viewer programs, which is a very powerful software for designing switching power supplies. In a simple and tidy graphical environment, the program receives the features required for the desired power supply from the user, and finally, using predefined power supply ICs, automatically designs a suitable circuit for conversion.

PI Expert provides you with all the information needed to design a prototype, a general circuit diagram and parameters and suggestions, and you can accurately look at various details such as the number of turns of the windings, the thickness of the wires and other matters related to the assembly and disassembly steps. Circuit Have full control over the printed circuit fiber. This program reduces the time required for this task from several days to several minutes by automating the design process and performing the usual calculations in the design of switching circuits, which is a very significant time saving.

PI Expert also has a spreadsheet-based design environment that provides users with more precise control during the power supply design process. This program allows you to design accurate transformers with step-by-step instructions. All that this program needs is to provide accurate information for the input, if this information is accurate, the other required tasks will be done automatically by the program and the final output will be provided with high accuracy. PI Expert has gathered everything needed to design switching power supplies in a single set, and electrical and electronics engineers can take advantage of the product’s capabilities to advance their projects faster.

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