Pichon (Icons8) 8.9.0 / 5.7.3 macOS

Pichon (Icons8) 8.9.0 / 5.7.3 macOS

Pichon is the proprietary software of the Icons8 website that provides you with all the icons on this website offline. With the help of this software, all Icons8 icons are stored on your hard drive and are available in any size, format, and color. You can use these various icons in Photoshop, Adobe XD, Visual Studio, Illustrator and other software and create your projects more professionally.

All the icons in this collection are made by a designer, so you will see a uniform style in these icons. Icons8 files are designed as vectors and can be edited in all of them. You can also use your own font in the icons or simply select the color you want. Another feature that Pichon software gives you is the use of HTML code for each icon and its placement between your codes. The Icons8 site offers a wide variety of professional icons, and Pichon software makes it very easy for you to access these valuable files.

Features and Features of Pichon App:

  • Ability to save Icons8 site icons offline
  • Choose from 50 categories and thousands of different icons
  • Ability to edit icons and change their font and color
  • Ability to use HTML code to place icons on the website and software
  • Uniform style and various sizes

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Pichon Icons8 8.9.0

Download Pichon Icons8 8.8.0 Portable

Download Pichon_Icons8_5.7.3_macOS

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