Pictures of Huawei P50 released; A device with a beautiful design
Huawei P50

Pictures of Huawei P50 released; A device with a beautiful design

The Huawei P50 smartphone will be unveiled soon. Now in renderings, images of Huawei P50 have been published in different colors.

A person named Waqar Khan has published images of the Huawei P50 , which are similar to previous rumors and renderings . According to the pictures that have been published these days, it looks like the P50 is very similar to the P50 Pro. The phone will have four cameras, two in the upper circle and two in the other. The main frame of the camera is oval.Pictures of Huawei P50

The Huawei P50 is expected to have a standard ultra-wide sensor, a standard ultra-wide sensor and a telephoto sensor (non-periscope sensor). The P50 Pro, on the other hand, uses a wide-angle sensor, periscope sensor and ultra-wide sensor. The Pro Plus model will also have wide-angle, ultra-wide, telephoto, periscope and ToF 3D cameras.Pictures of Huawei P50

We expect to see the first 1-inch sensor for mobile phones, the Sony IMX800 sensor, used in at least two P50 series phones (probably the Pro and Pro Plus models). This sensor has been introduced as a successor to the IMX700, which was used in the P40 series on Huawei products. In terms of hardware, we will see the use of the Kirin 9000 chip alongside the Harmony OS.Pictures of Huawei P50

The Chinese company’s new flagships were originally scheduled to be unveiled at the end of last month, but now their introduction has been delayed. It is possible that even in April, the P50 series will not be introduced and we will see their unveiling ceremonies in May or June (probably in June or July). The Huawei P50 is expected to be available in black, white, blue and beige.

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