Pictures of Xiaomi Mi Mix Foldable phone released
Xiaomi Mi Mix

Pictures of Xiaomi Mi Mix Foldable phone released

Xiaomi Mi Mix Foldable phone

Recently, images of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix – Mi Mix handset were published on the Internet, showing a view of the camera module and the back panel of this gadget.

A prototype phone with a flexible screen from Xiaomi has been published on the Internet. According to these images, this new Foldable phone will have a similar design as the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X2.

As you can see in the examples above, the display is not in these photos and only these images show the original design of the new Xiaomi phone. There will be a triple camera on the back of this gadget, it should be noted that only the camera module is visible and it is possible that the design of the camera of this phone will change at the time of release.

However, the word Mix on the back of this device is strange, because the last smartphone to be launched in this series was the Mi Mix 3 , which Xiaomi launched this gadget to the global market about two years ago.

It is interesting to know that the phones of this series are one step ahead of other Xiaomi smart gadgets in terms of design. However, the release of these images gives users hope for the release of a Foldable phone from Xiaomi.

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