PInvoker 1.3.3

PInvoker is a special add-on for the popular Visual Studio software made by Microsoft. With this plugin you will be able to easily import C ++ headers into your project and even use their SDKs. Relevant dll files will be added along with the SDKs, and you can create your  own pinvoke definitions using  C # / VB.NET These definitions are then  able to code  in C # or VB.NET you added Users can then choose from a list of functions, variables, structs, enums and delegates, eliminating the need to find method definitions in the C ++ header file.    

PInvoker Features and Features:

  • Export variables from the dll file
  • Export functions from dll file
  • Arrays
  • Majors
  • Classes and structures that are public.
  • Bitfield structures
  • Communities
  • Enums
  • Function pointers
  • Typedefs
  • Name spaces
  • Types of nesting
  • Support for constants
  • Add C ++ headers to your project in a fraction of a second
  • Automatically add corresponding dlls

Features that will be added to the software in future updates:

  • Classes and structures that are protected or private.
  • __Declspec (dllexport) classes
  • Instance methods
  • Constructors and destructors
  • inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • COM data type
  • Templates
  • STL Headers
  • Build an interface for 64-bit processors

Installation guide

  • After installing the program, copy the files in the crack folder to the installation path.

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