PLABEL VCL 2.8 STD for DXE 10.2

PLABEL VCL 2.8 STD for DXE 10.2

PLABEL VCL Package includes seven VCL components to implement tag editing capability in Delphi applications . These components can be used in all versions of Delphi, including the latest version, Delphi 10.1 Berlin . If your program needs to design labels and you would like to provide this feature to users to create and adjust these labels in a powerful editor, we recommend using this product. With these components, most of the hassle of making this editor will be removed from your shoulders and you can add such a feature to your programs in the shortest possible time.

Using the components of this collection, you can design an editor that has features such as label size, label location and description, adjust paper size, text margins, image rotation and information fields, and more. You can add text types, spreadsheets, lines, polygons, geometric shapes, text paragraphs, and images. Each information entry can be edited, deleted, moved, rotated and copied. You can also adjust the order of the elements when working with crowded elements. For example, you can easily put images behind the text.

Using PLABEL VCL you will be able to add print previews and related options. You can extract and display various data from the database. Break the lines or connect them. You can change the color of the text and the background of each of the information entries. Use the Grid to make page layout easier. Add zoom feature to the editor and many other features like adding undo feature, changing units of measure and و

Features and characteristics of PLABEL VCL:

  • Define label size, paper type and units of measurement
  • Ability to edit, delete, move, rotate, copy and paste information entries
  • Ability to add a print preview
  • Ability to extract information from the database
  • Ability to add undo, zoom

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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