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PLS CADD is the most powerful power line design program on the market. This software runs under Microsoft Windows and one of its features is an easy and graphical user interface. PLS CADD software integrates all aspects of design into a single application with a simple, logical and compatible interface. No other program can match the sophisticated engineering capabilities of PLS-CADD. This complexity and integration leads to cost-effective design and is only produced in a fraction of the time. PLS has a complex 3D engineering model. This model includes ground, structure and all wires. Models can be viewed in a number of different ways: view specifications, designs, sheets and 3D views.

Features and capabilities of PLS ​​CADD:

PLS-POLE tool: Analysis and design with wood, veneered wood, steel, concrete or column reinforced with polymer fibers (FRP) or made of modular aluminum

SAPS: Structural Analysis of Electrical and Communication Systems is another analysis engine that can be used as a plugin to add the sag-voltage finite element to the standard version of PLS-CADD. Perform structural design check under loads specified by the user, you can also calculate the maximum allowable wind and weight.

TOWER: Analysis, design and optimization of steel towers for transmission, linear and nonlinear analysis options of unlimited elements, automatic minimization of bandwidth and ability to solve large problems

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