Plumber 1.0.11 for Android +1.5

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Plumber game is an intellectual game with HD graphics in which you can prevent floods from occurring! In fact, you have to put the different parts of the pipe together in such a way that you can create a complete piping system.

Once a plumbing is complete, you have prevented a flood.

There are two different game modes in this game:

  • Step: You should try to put the pipes together as much as you can.
  • Challenge mode: Here you have to try to go through the existing 200 stages one by one.

Challenge your intelligence and focus with this fun and quality game. This game is very light and fun and you can have hours of fun with it.

Plumber features and characteristics:

  • There are multiple stages and degrees of difficulty
  • Existence of pipes with different shapes
  • There are two different game modes
  • Beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Simple and attractive simple Haas animations

Download Plumber 1.0.11

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