Poedit Pro 2.2 Build 5561 + Portable

Poedit is an application software for multilingual sites. In fact, any application (whether desktop or web-based) uses Gettext for localization, which can be used to translate phrases and generate new languages. Gettext is widely used in programming languages ​​and frameworks such as WordPress and php projects, Django and many other things, especially in the Linux platform. Poetry Data Editing is designed without luxury so that your focus is only on translation work. Just add a translation of each phrase and move on. Gettext can sometimes be technical. For example, accidentally adding 1% may corrupt the entire translation file; Do not worry because PoEdit checks for common errors and gives the necessary warnings.

This program remembers your previous translations and uses it to suggest words in future translations. Over time, the program learns enough and can automatically replace text for most disciplines. Developers can also use Poedit to manage translation files and keep them up to date. One of the special features of this program is its special support for WordPress plugins and themes, which allows you to focus on translation without worrying about technical issues. PoEdit supports Unicode and right-to-left languages ​​such as Persian, and you can easily use it for Persian-language sites.

Features and characteristics of Poedit software:

  • Simple and efficient user interface
  • Debug random errors
  • Suggest words for translation based on previous translations
  • Manage translation files
  • Support for WordPress themes and plugins
  • Unicode support 

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Poedit_Pro_2.2_Build_5561_Multilingual

Download Poedit_Pro_2.2_Build_5561_Multilingual_Portable

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