Pointwise 18.6 R1 Windows / macOS / Linux x64 + tutorials

Pointwise 18.6 R1 Windows / macOS / Linux x64 + tutorials


Pointwise is a powerful software in the field of 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics. With the help of Pointwise, it can produce network textures easily and accurately. This software can draw high-speed air currents in 3D models. This program is a powerful and reliable tool in the field of computational fluid dynamics and mesh production (high-speed airflows) in 3D models. Program quality is evident when it can solve high-viscosity currents in complex geometries.

This software provides you with the best tools to achieve the desired result (a high level of software in automation and control). Structured network tissue technology (quad/hex) and T-Rex technology for composite flows (prism/tet) in this program can automate the rapid production of air currents in complex shapes. Using the software-specific geometry kernel allows you to import standard CAD formats into the software and work with analytical and faceted geometric representations. Once completed, you can also extract the project in standard CFD formats and OpenSource border rights.

Features and specifications of Pointwise software:

  • Modeling and production of solid and dry air flows
  • Support for CATIA, Solidworks, and software
  • High tolerance in the production of fault currents
  • Glyph proprietary scripting language for macros and sample templates
  • Work with multidimensional geometry
  • Geometric modeling of fillets, planes, lines, offset curves, cones, and circles
  • Generate sound waves and echoes in three-dimensional models

required system

256 MB RAM
100 MB disk space
OpenGL capable color display
Ethernet card
1280 × 1024 screen resolution
3D hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics
24-bit RGB, double-buffered graphics




Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download PointWise 18.6 R1 Build 2022-05-09 x64
Download Pointwise 18.6 R1 Build 2022-05-09 macOS x64
Download Pointwise 18.6 R1 Build 2022-05-09 Linux64
Download PointWise tutorials
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