Polar smart bracelet monitors your heart rate

Polar smart
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Polar smart bracelet – Polar has the ability to monitor your heart rate and can be the best option for athletes and even patients.


Polar smart bracelet is one of the new products of this company, which is specially designed for those who want to monitor their heart rate at all times.

There are many smartwatches on the market these days, almost all of which use heart rate monitoring. But there are those who are not satisfied with the design of this type of watch or are looking for something that focuses exclusively on heart rate and can be used during exercise. Now Polar has unveiled a smart bracelet called Verity Sense, which does just that and provides accurate information to the audience.

Polar smart bracelet

Even before smartwatches entered the field, Polar was developing heart rate monitors. But in the days when these types of watches have become very popular, Polar has been forced to offer its products in new forms in order to attract more attention. The Variety Sense bracelet is one of these new devices and is designed for those who are not very interested in using a watch or are worried that it will break while swimming. You can attach this bracelet to your arms or other parts of your body, and given its resistance to sweat or water, you can be sure that it will not cause any problems.

Polar smart bracelet

This small round device has the ability to detach from the strap and by placing it anywhere on the body, you can get the information you need (it can even be attached to swimming goggles!). It is enough for the sensor of the device to touch your body to do its job. The Polar smart bracelet has 16 MB of internal memory, which the manufacturer claims can store up to 600 hours of your workout statistics. Of course, this smart device stays on for only 20 hours with each charge.

Polar smart bracelet can be the best option for athletes due to its accuracy and quality. The device is expected to be priced at $ 89.95, which may seem expensive, but those who pay special attention to heart rate will not regret buying it.

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