Polo - Rules

Polo – Rules

The rules of Polo are decided by International Federation of Polo. Let’s know the rules relating to various aspects of Polo.

Polo Rules

Teams and Players

  • The total number of players is limited to four in each team.
  • The host country will decide the rules and regulations under the guidance of a proper governing body.
  • Players should hold the stick in their right hand.
  • If under doping test anybody is found to be using drugs, then he may not be allowed to participate in the game anymore.
  • A handicap can participate in the game if it is under permissible limit.


  • For safety purpose, the players must wear protective headgear with a chinstrap.
  • Equipment like sharp spurs, knee guards, studs on the boots are not allowed.
  • Both the teams must wear different color shirts.
  • The list of allowed instruments do vary from country to country depending upon their rules created by the governing body.


  • Height is not a constraint for any pony to play in a match of Polo.
  • If the pony is partially blind, then he will not be allowed.
  • A pony is allowed in the game if he is properly controlled.
  • Once a pony is playing for a particular team, then he cannot play for any other team in that same championship.
  • For safety purpose, bandage on all the four legs is compulsory.
  • Any instrument that obstructs the vision of the pony is not allowed.
  • If any part of the body of pony shows blood, then he should be immediately removed from that match.
  • No lame pony is allowed to play in the match.
  • The umpires take the responsibility to remove any pony from the game.