Polysun 11.2 x64

Polysun 11.2 x64


Polysun is software for the design, simulation, and optimization of energy systems for buildings and residential and commercial areas, developed by Vela Solaris AG. With the help of this software, the planning and design processes of energy units will be followed with complete accuracy and transparency and you will not face any special challenge. Producing efficient and effective systems while being cost-effective is one of the most important engineering challenges in the field of energy.

The performance and capabilities of this software are fully scalable depending on the working conditions and project requirements, and engineers can use this tool in personal projects, residential units, residential and commercial areas, etc. Designing an energy system for villas and complexes has unique challenges. There are a variety of solutions and systems, and this factor can make it difficult for the construction and engineering teams to choose the best solutions.

Electric power grids play a very important role in producing the energy needed for heating systems and their use is increasing day by day. These grids reduce the final cost of sustainable energy and are quite economical. The design and adjustment of combined heat and power systems are very complex and time-consuming, and the PolySan software will perform all of these complex and time-consuming tasks. Older fossil fuel-based systems are still used in the design of heating systems for offices, companies, clinics, and shopping malls. The design of hybrid systems and sustainable energy production for the mentioned units is one of the biggest engineering challenges that various constraints will hinder the progress and presentation of innovation.

Features and specifications of Polysun software

  • Design, simulation, and optimization of energy systems for buildings and residential and commercial areas
  • Development of sustainable and cheap energy production systems
  • Rapid design of various systems and system optimization before starting the production process
  • Save time and money needed to design hybrid systems
  • Development of energy systems based on various standards and methods
  • Provide more than 150,000 dedicated and up-to-date components for designing various systems
  • Simulation of interactions and performance of the energy system in dynamic time
  • Development of control systems and definition of logic for these systems
  • Provide more than 100 prefabricated templates for designing energy systems
  • Investigating the rate of profitability and savings of energy units
  • Rapid simulation of energy generation systems based on project prerequisites and their comparison
  • Calculate the monthly and annual cost of maintaining and feeding different systems
  • Design and simulation of photovoltaic systems
  • Full compatibility with Google Map tool
  • Design and simulation of solar energy panels and evaluate their performance based on the occupied area and project location

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The system required by Polysun software

Windows 8.1 / 10/11, 64-bit
Internet connection for activation
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Screen resolution min: 1200 x 1024




Polysun software installation guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Readme.txt file.

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Download Polysun 11.2 x64
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