Poor reception of the iPhone 12 mini; Is the era of small phones over?

iPhone 12 mini

Poor reception of the iPhone 12 mini

Recently, there have been reports of a decline in the attractiveness of small smartphones, and this could affect sales of the iPhone 12 Mini.

In the first half of last month, the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 5% of total smartphone sales in the US market, which is very low for a company like Apple. Some users believe that small smartphones are no longer as attractive as before, and this could reduce sales of this small Apple flagship.

IPhone 12 Mini

According to Reuters, Counterpoint Research has shown that demand for small flagships is low and users are no longer interested in using these phones. In recent years, users have increasingly used their phones to view various content such as movies, series, etc., and therefore prefer to use a phone with a large screen.

The reports also state that Apple will significantly reduce the production of the iPhone 12 Mini and increase the production of the popular model of this series, the iPhone 12 Pro (iPhone 12 Pro). At the time of the launch of this small flagship, Apple claimed that this phone will be known as the most popular and powerful small phone in the world. Today, this phone is known as the most powerful small phone in the world, but Apple could not make this phone the most popular small flagship. As mentioned above, users are no longer interested in using this type of phone.

IPhone 12 Mini

In addition, research has shown that smartphones with screens below 6 inches account for only 10% of total global smartphone sales. Apple has not yet commented on the low sales of the iPhone 12 mini , but it is expected to make up for the loss in its next flagship and pay more attention to user demand.

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