Porsche electric bicycles were introduced at exorbitant prices

electric bicycles
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Porsche electric bikes were introduced in two versions, called Porsche Sport and Cross, with Shimano electric motor and priced at $ 10,000.

German carmaker Porsche unveiled its latest electric car, the Porsche Taikan Cross Turismo, a few days ago. But along with it, two electric bicycles were also unveiled. Porsche electric bikes, which will go on sale this spring, are also the company’s first bikes.

These two electric bikes, called Porsche Sport and Porsche Cross, are designed with different uses. As the name implies, the Sport model is designed for normal roads and everyday use, while the Cross model is an off-road bike.

Porsche electric bicycles

Porsche electric bicycles

Sport version

In the design part of the Sport model, it is equipped with a body made of full suspension carbon fiber (with full shock absorber) and weighs 21.7 kg. Both the front and rear lights are fitted, while they are also equipped with Shimano’s Mid-Drive electric motor. The price of this bike has been announced as $ 10,800.

Porsche electric bicycles

Cross version

On the other hand, the Cross model, which is also equipped with Shimano carbon fiber body and Mid-Drive engine, has a more adventurous appearance. This bike is also designed as a full suspension that allows easy movement on bumpy roads. In the braking section, this bike uses the Magura-MT Trail hydraulic disc brake, which is a large size and heat resistant. The Porsche Cross weighs 22 kg and will be sold at a price of $ 8,549.

Both bikes are powered by the Shimano EP8 electric motor, which is slightly smaller than the EP7, but provides a top speed of 25 km / h with the help of the pedals. Porsche is set to launch both bikes this spring. What do you think about these two expensive bikes?

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