Possible specifications of Intel Xe-HPG GPUs
Intel Xe-HPG

Possible specifications of Intel Xe-HPG GPUs

Intel Xe-HPG

New information released by decrypting a Twitter message hints at the possible specifications of six members of the Intel family of Xe HPG processors.

Gamers and enthusiasts of powerful computer systems are eagerly awaiting the introduction of a reliable competitor from Intel to compete in the GPU market. This year, the second series of the company’s GPUs of the new Xe category called Intel Xe HPG is to be introduced, the letter G at the end of its name is related to gaming.

About two weeks ago, Raja Kuduri, Intel’s head of graphics, announced on his Twitter account some very important news about the company’s future plans, pointing to the first separate Intel Xe gaming desktop graphics card, the Intel Xe HPG. The tweet referred to a UL 3DMark Mesh Shader Feature benchmark test , which is one of the four most important parts of DirectX 12 Ultimate, along with retrying, variable rate shading, and sampler feedback . Kodori at the time did not provide much information on the benchmark test results for Xe-HPG GPUs, but only mentioned a few complex and difficult tests performed on them.

Scheme of Intel Xe-HPG GPU design

Now a new rumor has surfaced on the VideoCardz website, apparently deciphering a secret message posted on a Twitter account called Raichu , pointing to the possible identities of six members of the Intel GPU family. The message mentions six different Intel Xe-HPG series processors along with some of their technical specifications such as bus interface width and VRAM memory size . Keep in mind that this claim may still be unfounded, but given that it is consistent with information previously leaked to unofficial sources, it will not be without merit.

  •  512EU (4096 SP) / 256bit-bus / 8 or 16G VRAM
  •  384EU (3072 SP) / 192bit-bus / 6 or 12G VRAM
  •  256EU (2048 SP) / 128bit-bus / 4 or 8G VRAM
  •  192EU (1536 SP) / 128bit-bus / 4G VRAM
  •  128EU (1024 SP) / 64bit-bus / 4G VRAM
  •  96EU (768 SP) / 64bit-bus / 4G VRAM

As you can see, the Xe-HPG series processors are named in the VideoCardz report with the number of executable units or EU , and the first case is introduced as Xe-HPG 512EU . Accordingly, the Xe-HPG 384EU processor had previously been revealed with more information such as the size of the 190 mm square GPU . You can see the following image of six GDDR6 memory modules in this model.

Unofficial image of Intel Xe-HPG 384EU GPU

One of the interesting things about the design of the Xe-HPG series is that they are very similar to the configuration of Radeon RX 6000 processors ; The difference is that GPUs RDNA 2 Company AMD memory Infinity Cache and high Bvsthay clock equipped to enhance memory bandwidth. So we have to see what trick Intel has used to not lag behind this competition.

The latest information from Intel suggests that a foreign manufacturing company may be used to advance the project, with TSMC likely to be in charge. Xe-HPG is currently the only member of the Xe family whose graphics processor (or at least its processing element) is built entirely in various factories. It remains to be seen whether TSMC will be able to provide a new competitor in the Gaming GPU market for PC without any problems in the current market conditions, or the situation will be different.

What do you think about the possible specifications of Intel Gaming GPUs?

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