How to prevent Android and Google eavesdropping on your phone?
Google eavesdropping

How to prevent Android and Google eavesdropping on your phone?

prevent Android and Google eavesdropping on your phone

Does your Android phone always listen to your conversations? Does Google keep a log of everything you say? And if so, what is the solution?

At a time when every device has a microphone and these devices are made by companies that like to track your activities, the above questions are very thought-provoking. Let’s take a look at some of the facts behind Google Records and how you can stop them.

How does Google listen?

Before answering this question, let us explain to you exactly what Google records from your Android phone. If there is a specific setting on your phone that you have enabled, saying Google’s OK will cause the device to wait to hear a command. Before this step, the phone is waiting to hear OK Google. But everything you talk about will not be recorded and uploaded to Google. The same is true of the Amazon Echo. Continuous recording of everything the device hears saves huge amounts of unused and useless data.

You can still use voice commands even if you have not enabled OK Google. Touch the microphone icon in the search bar or hold down the Home button to open Google Assistant. In either case, you will be asked for an order.

What Google records is the voice commands you say to your phone. For example, if you say, “Well, Google, how old is Jack Black? Google will record this question.”

How do I listen to Google Records?

Google provides a portal for users to interact extensively with the company’s services. One of these features is recording the voice of your interactions with Google Assistant. To listen to them:

1. Log in to the Google My Activity page. Here you will find everything from the YouTube videos you just watched to the apps you opened on your phone.

2. Use the filter to display Google audio recordings. At the top of the page, below the search bar, click Filter by date & product.

3. Then uncheck All Products under Filter by Google product and make sure only the Voice & Audio option is checked.

4. Click the Search button again.

You can now see a timeline of all the audio files recorded by Google. Click on any one you want to listen to it.

How to turn off the “OK Google” feature on the phone

First, disable the Google iki recognition feature on your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

1- Open the Settings section on the phone and enter the Google section.

2. Select the Search phrase under Services.

3. Then, touch Voice.

4. You see something called Voice Match. It may even be listed as “OK Google” detection. Touch it.

Disable the Say “OK Google” slider anytime. If you do not want this feature to be enabled while driving and you want to turn off this feature in Google Maps and Android Otto, use the same method again.

As soon as this is done, Google Assistant will only respond to OK Google if the Google App is open on the phone. From now on, Google will not listen to you even with OK Google keywords.

Deny Google access to the phone microphone

You can prevent Google Apps from accessing the device’s microphone.

1. Enter Settings and select Apps & Notifications.

2. Touch See all X apps to see the full list.

3. Find Google and select it.

4. Select Permissions and disable the Microphone slider.

Turn off Google Assistant

If you wish, you can turn off Google Assistant completely:

1- Enter the Settings section on the phone and go to the Google group.

2. Select the Search option under Services.

3. In the Google Assistant section, click on Settings.

4. Touch the name of your device from the Devices section.

5. Turn off the Google Assistant slider.

Disable Google Voice History

If you have other Android devices in addition to this phone, turning off OK Google or Google Assistant will not help. By the way, if you use voice commands to search in Chrome, Google will still keep your voice data. To stop Voice history for your entire Google Account, follow these steps:

1. Go to Google’s Activity Controls page and sign in to your account if needed.

2. In this section, select the phrase Voice & Audio Activity.

3- Disable the slider to prevent your voice activities from being linked to your account by Google.

This restricts voice-related functions to your Google Account. In addition, be sure to Google and delete past audio files. for this purpose:

1. Return to the My Activity Voice & Audio page.

2. From the left menu, click Delete activity by.

3. Change the drop-down menu box from Today to All Time and click Delete.

What does Google do with this information?

One thing to keep in mind is that other than Google, only you have access to this data. Unless one day Google is hacked.

Google’s explanation in this regard is that it uses your voice information to achieve better results among the company’s products. it means:

– Learns the tone of your voice.

– Learns how to pronounce words and terms.

– Recognizes you when you say OK to Google.

– Optimize speech recognition among products that use your voice.

All of the above are acceptable. But it is worrying that a company of this size records everything you say and keeps it in its database. It is possible to find out what you are interested in by using an efficient algorithm and analyzing your information.

Use Google without sound

If you do not turn off Google Assistant, you can enjoy the benefits without using the voice service. Hold your finger on the Home button to open it, touch the keyboard icon in the lower left corner. In this section, you can type your command for Google Assistant. Responding to it is no different than when you use your voice.

This method is not very convenient and simple. But increasing privacy comes with costs. Of course, without the use of Google Voice Assistant, this search engine can track your interests and track them.

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