6 steps to prevent building theft by making the building smarter

building smarter
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A very important factor that must be considered today at all levels of society is security, which must be considered in all cases. Security is considered from various aspects, including psychological security, life security and financial security. Financial and personal security is often considered by some government agencies, but individuals themselves must make sufficient efforts to maintain it in order to establish it well for themselves and their families.

One of the things that can affect the maintenance of financial and personal security is to increase the security of home and building. By making the building smarter , changing the locks, increasing the security of the windows and connecting the burglar alarms and CCTV cameras, you can prevent any theft and encroachment of unknown people on your building.

Nowadays, due to the busy schedules of men and women during the day at work, the houses are naturally empty during the day and the weather is clear, and the theft rate reaches the highest possible level. During the day, thieves have more time to steal from homes.

Due to the number of burglaries and burglaries, which is unfortunately increasing daily, all building owners should seek to increase the security of their buildings and units. There are many factors that can increase the security of your home and protect your property from professional and amateur thieves.

You’ve probably heard the saying before that prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to seek to increase the security and safety of your home before any theft or burglary occurs. Join us in this article to explain the ways to prevent burglary and increase building.

Increase the security of the building with burglar alarms

One of the issues that has always been a concern of people is burglary. Unfortunately, there is always a way for thieves to enter your home, but it is best that you maintain security measures as much as possible to maintain the security of your building and home, or at least make it harder for them to enter your home. Here are some ways to keep your home safe:

The first step to increase home security is to secure the building with burglar alarms

Most people use anti-theft and secure doors as the first step to increase the security of their homes. Unfortunately, these doors open easily. For this reason, the first recommendation for securing homes is to use CCTV and burglar alarms.

If you are looking to increase the security of your home or workplace, buy burglar alarms as soon as possible . Azhir Central Company with years of experience in the field of selling burglar alarms is at your service all over the country.

The second step to increase the security of homes is to install CCTV

After installing the burglar alarm , install the CCTV camera. Thieves are looking for easy thefts and are looking for a place that uses less security systems, so you can prevent theft to a large extent by using burglar alarms and CCTV cameras.

Building intelligence

The third step to increasing home security is to emphasize the role of windows

After taking the necessary steps to secure the house by installing burglar alarms and CCTV cameras, examine the second main center of intrusion into the house, namely the windows. Behind the door, there are windows that play an important role for burglars in entering homes.

It is better to cover the windows that are not visible to the neighbors and the exterior of the building with a place alarm, metal mesh guard or metal fence to make it impossible to enter and penetrate through it. Unfortunately, due to the extreme beauty of most homes today, they use very large windows that can disrupt the security of homes.

The fourth step is to increase the security of smart homes and the use of anti-theft systems

One of the important factors that can be used to increase home security is the use of building intelligence . Building intelligence It is often possible to install anti-theft systems so that by running this system you can use the alarm and security system. If this system is activated, all entrances and exits will be controlled and people will enter only by entering a password or other methods. The same should be done.

Otherwise, the system will issue a warning and the homeowner will notice unauthorized entry. Of course, by using other methods of building intelligence such as remote control programs, camera installation and sensor installation, you can fully check the security and condition of your home at any time. Most burglars will not be able to take the risk of entering homes with intelligent security systems, and your building will be safe from intrusion.

The fifth step to increase home security is to eliminate blind spots without light around the building

There are some thieves who monitor your house during the day and steal your house at night . It is better to keep the area around your house bright enough because darkness is a positive point for stealing and helps thieves a lot.

It is best to use lights around your home that are sensitive to movement and light up when you see objects. Use optical sensors to enter your unit to light up as soon as a physical object is detected nearby and prevent thieves from entering easily. Of course, some people turn on a light bulb in their home, which unfortunately has been identified for thieves, and this way can no longer deceive them.

Building intelligence

The sixth and final step in increasing home security is not giving enough information to others about family departures

One of the highest statistics reported on home burglaries is during the Nowruz holiday because most homes are empty and thieves have a higher ability to steal units. If you are planning to travel and do not want to return home for a long time, it is better not to inform other people about your trip.

Some people are accustomed to using a messenger when they are not at home, which unfortunately can be a great help to thieves who are well aware that you are not at home.

Concluding remarks

In this article, we mentioned 6 ways to increase the security of your home and workplace. By following these tips, you can largely prevent the theft of your home and workplace and leave your home or workplace safely. do . Thank you for accompanying us here

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