Primo Ramdisk Ultimate / Server 6.3.1

Primo Ramdisk is excellent software for increasing the speed of reading and writing to the hard drive. If your RAM is high, this program can have a great effect on speeding up the system. If the computer is not under heavy processing conditions such as rendering, movie mixing, heavy games, etc., a large part of the RAM is often free. Wouldn’t it be better to consider part of this space as a virtual drive? This is easily done by Remodisk. In fact, the idea behind this software stems from the fact that the speed of access to random memory or RAM is much higher than hard disk memory; Therefore, by allocating part of this space to a virtual disk, the simulated environment can be considered as one of the hard disk drives .

Since this drive is in RAM, the read and write speeds in it are very high. Note that the program automatically transfers the data in the virtual memory to the hard disk before the system shuts down and transfers this information back into the virtual drive when Windows reloads. Depending on the amount of memory you have in this program, up to 128 different virtual disks can be created. From Windows’ point of view, these disks are no different from physical hard disks, and it looks exactly the same. This program can dynamically allocate memory to built-in disks. It is also possible to make hybrid disks consisting of memory and hard drive in this program.

Features and specifications of Primo Ramdisk:

  • Ability to create ROMs, hybrid disks and file disks
  • Ability to make disposable virtual disks
  • Ability to build 128 virtual disks
  • Support dynamic memory management
  • Ability to use RAM cache
  • Supports all types of FAT / FAT32 / NTFS file systems
  • Ability to define labels, serial numbers and virtual drive names

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Primo_Ramdisk_Ultimate_Edition_6.3.1

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Download Primo_Ramdisk_Professional_Edition_5.7.0_x86-x64

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