Prometech ParticleWorks 6.0 Win / Linux

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ParticleWorks is software for analyzing and solving computational fluid dynamics or CFD problems, which specifically uses the MPS numerical calculation method or Moving Particle Simulation. The semi-implicit moving particle method is one of the well-known methods of lattice or lattice particles that has attracted the attention of many experts. In this algorithm, in addition to calculating the input and output boundary conditions, the appropriate speed near the boundary is also predicted and calculated, which is very important when the fluid passes near solid boundaries that have a curved and asymmetric bed.

Because this method can easily be used to design realistic software to simulate the motion of fluid particles, various companies, including Prometech, have turned to this method in their manufacturing software. This program helps engineers to easily model large-scale problems that have certain complexities in modeling and then simulate them with high accuracy. The simulation performed in this program is very accurate and based on the real world. You can use a variety of soft and hard liquids, powder and.. Since fluids are divided into two categories, discrete and particle, the most complex metamorphoses and their modifications can be performed without the need for complex preparations or without the use of advanced meshes.

Features and Features of ParticleWorks:

  • Use of the new MPS method in computational fluid dynamics simulation
  • No need to use complex meshes and preparation before the simulation operation
  • High speed analysis and simulation using the power of GPU hardware accelerator
  • Powerful and flawless graphical environment

Installation guide

Read the Readme file in the Crack folder for each version.

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