Properties of fruit peels for the body
Fruit peels

Properties of fruit peels for the body

Fruit peels

Fruit peels

Most of us throw out the peels when we eat them, without hesitation because we don’t know how important they are. It does not look edible, but the peel of the fruit is already filled with substances with unusual benefits for beauty and health.

Kimberly Sinder,  dietitian and author of Detox Foods, says there are some great ways to use these nutrient-rich peels in your diet.

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The importance of fruit peels

The peel of the fruit can contain   3-4 times more fiber than the fruit itself. Fiber plays an important role in the body’s detoxification process. The peel also contains a class of antioxidants and anti-aging vitamins. Additionally, the peels of the fruit are low in calories and low in sugar and fat.

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The peel of some citrus fruits, such as oranges, contains higher levels of vitamin C compared to the fruit itself. Fresh orange peel contains B vitamins , vitamin A and minerals such as zinc,  calcium,  selenium  and  manganese  .

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But how do you eat the peel of the fruit ?!

Citrus peel

Fruit peels

Cinder says you can decorate your salad with citrus peels or add it to your drinks. I recently learned how to cook in Thailand for a few weeks, and they put lemon peel in a kind of spicy noodles! . It can also be dried, pickled and eaten.

Banana peel

Fruit peels

What about banana peel ? It tastes bad, but eating it actually raises serotonin levels in the body, which can boost your mental strength and boost your mood.

Sander says that banana peel, like the fruit itself, is an excellent source of potassium but that it contains more soluble fiber (which makes you feel full and helps lower bad cholesterol) and insoluble fiber (which makes the digestive system work better).

In some parts of the world, such as India and Asia, it is common to cook or fry  banana peels  or used in desserts. Try adding pieces of banana peel to your smoothie or adding a few tablespoons of mashed banana peel to cake ingredients. The ripened the fruit, the thinner the skin and the better the taste.

Watermelon peel

Fruit peels

Watermelon white rind is another ingredient that contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that helps thin the blood and improve circulation. Peel the watermelon, grate it and squeeze the juice. It can also be cut and sweetened fruit from it.


Important tips for eating fruit peels:

Cinder has important advice for eating fruit peels:  Buy organic agricultural products that grow naturally. Not only are these crops more nutritious because they grow in better soil, but they also do not use pesticides.

“While organic bananas are not more expensive than usual, some organic products can be expensive,” he says. “If you plan to eat the peel and grains of the fruit, I recommend organic fruits because toxins penetrate the skin and cannot be completely cleaned out by washing.”

Grains and seeds

Do not forget about grains and seeds! Beads  of the pineapple  is less moisture and more solid, but they are still very useful and full of enzyme Bromelain, which is proven to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Cinder also says that eating small amounts of papaya seeds has anti-parasite and antibacterial effects and can help  detoxify the liver  .